20 doctors died of COVID-19 in Nigeria  President Buhari mourns

20 doctors died of COVID-19 in Nigeria President Buhari mourns

The hard and uncomfortable conductions at wish doctor’s in Nigeria are working with are one that should ba a concern to every well meaning individual’s, in a media briefing on Friday in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria,  the NMA chairman, Enema Amodu has said that 20 doctors died of the COVID-19 complications within the past seven days amid the second wave of the decease .

The chairman used the media briefing to call on government at all level to ensure personal protective equipments are adequately provided.

According to a statement by Garba Shehu, the president’s spokesman, Buhari affirmed that health workers in Nigeria are operating under “severe limitations”, but promised to ensure a better working environment for them.

“Our health workers are making maximum sacrifices for the country in line with their humanitarian calling, and this administration will leave no stone unturned in order to ensure their needs are met,” Buhari was quoted to have said in the statement issued on Saturday.

“Our health workers are operating under severe limitations, but they are undeterred in discharging their duties in saving lives.

“Let me say without any fear of contradiction that no reward is too much for the sacrifices of our health workers in the country, and this administration will give their welfare the priority it deserves.”

The spoke person to the government of the day, Garba Shehu, also reiterated president Buhar’s administrations effort to make our health sector better. As work’s are been done to achieving that.

But. Some health expert doubt’s the claimed, and said, state of emergency should be declared in the sector, which, according to them has deteriorated under this government since it came into power.

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