2023: Presidential Elections Dr. Sule Lamido Says  Buhari Will Not Support Tinubu’s Candidacy

2023: Presidential Elections Dr. Sule Lamido Says Buhari Will Not Support Tinubu’s Candidacy

The former governor of jigawa state said after the exist of president Buhari comes 2023, the All progressive Congress (APC) will go into extinction, as the current president will not support the candidacy of senator Ahmed Tinubu in 2023, presidential elections    

He made this known in the inauguration of the Jigawa State People’s Democratic Party PDP reconciliation committee in Dutse.

According to him, he said the whole of APC is built around the person of Buhari and Tinubu, that when these two personalities are out of the picture, the rest will be history.

 “True of the matter very soon there would be no APC in Nigeria because it’s made up of two persons Buhari and Tinubu”

“And I swear to God Buhari will not support Tinubu’s candidacy coming 2023 general election”

“So since they are the leaders of APC and they have issues everyone will find his way and that would be the end of APC in Nigeria”

He said the aftermath of the APC extinction, it does not automatically give the PDP the national victory, he said is far from that, unless the PDP members unite in oneness, and come together as one indivisible political party.

 “We also have our own problems is either we correct or Nigerians would continue to suffer”

“We must forget all our grievances, set aside all our personal interest for us to win because it’s only PDP that can be able to rule this country” he stated.

He charged the members of the reconciliation committee to be just and fair in their approach to aggrieved members.

He further make a personal appeal to aggrieved members to put their grievances apart for the interest of the party and uphold the party interest before their personal interest, for the victory of the party and the generality of Nigerians who are looking towards the party’s direction for proper governance.

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