40 reasons why I love Ebuka, by wife

40 reasons why I love Ebuka, by wife

Cynthia, wife of popular BBNaija host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, has eulogised her husband on his 40th birthday.

The fashion entrepreneur and digital creator took to her Instagram page to share 40 reasons why she’s madly in love with her beau.
Captioning a video of the kids wishing their dad a happy birthday, she wrote: “This is 40. 40 reasons why I love you.

“1: You are kind. 2: You are an amazing father. 3: You are loyal. 4: You’re God fearing. 5: You love your family. 6: Your patience. 7: Your sensitivity. 8: Your constant support of me. 9: Your charm. 10: Your fashion sense.

“11: You have an open mind. 12: You’re a feminist. 13: Your eyes get tinier when you laugh. 14: You never give up on me. 15: You buy me nice bags. 16: You’re my atm. 17: You know something about everything. 18: You’re extremely diplomatic. 19: You’re sexy. 20: Your inner strength that helps you keep calm in the midst of chaos.

“21: You’re intentional with me. 22: You make the kids and I feel completely safe. 23: You know how to cheer me up (food). 24: You’re a realist. 25: You have passion for all that you do. 26: Your courage to chase your dream. 27: You’re level headed. 28: Your confidence. 29: You are intelligent. 30: You are disciplined

“31: You have the most gorgeous smile. 32: Your relationship with God. 33: You keep to time( that’s extremely important to me ). 34: You are a man of your word. 35: You’re a hard worker. 36: you accept and understand my moody personality. 37: You are reliable. 38: Your work ethic. 39: Your humility. 40: Your morals.”

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