School Might not Resume 18 Jan. says FG

School Might not Resume 18 Jan. says FG

The hope of student going to school as earlier scheduled by the government might as well be a mirage; the Nigeria Government said 18th January might not be possible.

The Nigerian Government said this through the ministry of EAducation, the government said a new date might be announced depending on the Nation’s COVID-19 pandemic indicator.

The Nation’s Coronaviru is raising every day, and this is a source of worry for President Buhari’s lead administration. The minister of education Adamu Adamu, gave this submissions on Monday in Abuja at the briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) Coronavirus.

He further said that in December the PTF had ordered schools in the country to remain closed until January 18, that when that was decided on, they were mainly working on a target,

 “’Of course we are keeping it in view and looking at what is happening in the society and then it is supposed to be subject to constant review.

“’Even today at the PTF meeting, we looked at the rising figures and thought we should probably take another look at it. On the Jan.18, 2021 date for schools resumption, we are reviewing it,” he said.

The minister in addition, on the meeting held on Monday with the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 disclosed the high rate at which the virus is spreading in Nigeria. He said the government is worried about the sharp increase.

He said the ministry will further deliberated on the resumption day on Tuesday. As the number of the viral infection keeps surging for the past days.

As you are aware, the country is yet to procure any vaccine against the virus, he urged every citizen to adhered strictly to the protocol earlier laid by various authorities and the NCDC in order to curtain the spread.

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