A Million Tears Can Not Bring You Back- Joy Iziengbe Osamwonyi

A Million Tears Can Not Bring You Back- Joy Iziengbe Osamwonyi

Joy Iziengbe Osamwonyi, the chief operational officer of Izi’s Pot based in Lagos gave a brief account on how her late aunty Mrs Evbarunegbe Osagie. spent her last days on earth

26th of May 2016, was just like any other day, your mama, my grams was still basking in the euphoria that her daughter is home from the US……

You came in on the 24th of May, I remember your mama chasing me out to wait by Owen Obaseki junction and you were too happy to see me that evening as the cab man drove up to the house……

Joy lose weight o, you complimented my complexion and vilified me on why i don’t teach my sister civilization

Mrs Evbarunegbe Osagie..

I dey try o,i chorused, she’s bloody archaic….

I remember when you complained off cough, I remembered going out to meet my friend Juliet at about 6pm on the 28th, i remember you telling me that we’d go to first bank at kingsquare on Friday morning o

i remember how the calls kept coming that someone should come to the hospital, I said Destiny let’s go, we took a cab…..

At Wesley hotel junction, I felt a terrible cold, I sorta knew, I just told God, No!!!!!

i remember throwing my slippers off immediately we got to the gate of faith mediplex, where’s my aunt?

i remember meeting your lifeless body in the back seat of the cab, I couldn’t cry, I yelled at the driver, take us to the specialist hospital!!!!!!!

He obliged, drove us there, me and Destiny, he was 18 by the way, we got to specialist and the doctor after examining you said ” Madam I’m sorry, this is a case of BID'(Brought in Dead)

What will I tell your mama and son that you brought home 2days before??????

I remember escorting your body to the mortuary, signed and filled the necessary forms and headed to the police station…..

We couldn’t tell your mother, it’d have been two dead bodies…….

Your case is the reason I hate and will continue to hate faith mediplex till date!!!!!

You might have lived, Faith mediplex didn’t know what to do……

I remember how you will say Joy nobody likes football in this family o, where’d you get this obsession from?

Mrs Evbarunegbe Osagie

Or is it when you’d send screenshot of my post and say ahhhhhhhhhhh uncle John was right, my daughter is bloody intelligent or is it when your sister (my mom) will push me and you will say Joy please i apologize on her behalf???? Nah,death took a martyr from us…..

Your girls are grown and doing wonderfully well and Muyi is loved by all and sundry…..

Personally i miss you, you were one person i could talk to and reason with even when the others decided to be archaic……

Rest on mama

We still don’t love you less….

Continue to rest in power Mrs Evbarunegbe Osagie…..

Wondering where i got my puffy eyes and chubbiness plus shortness from?????

It is a family heritage………..

{on behalf of the entire staff’s of AFRICA GIANT NEWS, please accept our sympathy. }

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