Aikon Shiloh , Taking the Nigeria music industry to the next level

Aikon Shiloh , Taking the Nigeria music industry to the next level

When you hear lyrics like

‘I will shower her blessing’

 ‘Take her to London’

‘Buy her jewelries’

Most people will typically know this lines are talking  about or appreciating a loved one.

Women all over the world including our mothers, potential mothers and the elderly, ought to be given a serious accolade and should also be highly honoured as well as  encouraged for the grace that God has particularly given them as salt in our dishes as far as family and society is concerned.

They are so important and so instrumental that without the mother or women figures as a whole, life would have been so boring and uninteresting.

Every man all over the world should make sure that women are sincerely appreciated and treated as a rare blessing to humanity  at all times.

Aikon Shiloh

I am also of the opinion that they should also be protected due to their vulnerability.  Women’s role in the family and society cannot be over emphasized therefore I simply put it this way: they are a rare blessing to humanity and mankind especially to the male folks.

These are the exact words of the business man turned musician “Godswill Iyke Ikwuagu” with the artistic alias Aikon Shiloh.

His recent studio single titled Samba Mama, released on the 26th of December 2022, is more like a charge to everyone to take care and honour the mother figures in their lives especially now and not when they are dead.

Oluwa bless me ….

Make I bless my mama oh

Oluwa bukun mi oh

Make I bless my mama oh

The above lyrics is a popular part of the song Samba Mama that has become a street anthem among many..

Aikon Shiloh is also giving away monetary gifts as a way of expressing the love he has for his fans worldwide …see details on his social media handles:

Instagram      @aikonshiloh ,

Tiktok             @aikonshiloh ,

Youtube                     @aikonshiloh ,

Facebook-page        @aikonshiloh .


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