Airline operators: Why domestic flights are delayed, cancelled

Airline operators: Why domestic flights are delayed, cancelled

The operators of airlines in the country have given reasons why there are delays in domestic flights and outright cancellations.

While appearing before the senate committee on aviation on Wednesday, Allen Onyema, chief executive officer (CEO) of Air Peace, said the rising cost of jet fuel and lack of parking spaces at the airports caused delays and cancellations of flights.

Onyema, who spoke on behalf of aircraft operators, said marketers keep increasing the price of fuel, which in turn increase their operational cost.

“Apart from the fact that the shortage of Jet A-1 is crippling our operations, the marketers have been increasing the price of the product consistently in the recent past to an unbearable point,” the Air Peace CEO said.

“As of April this year, Jet A-1 fuel was being sold for about N230 a litre. About a month ago in May, the price jumped to between N250 to N255.

“Today, the price has skyrocketed to an average of N280 to N300 a litre depending if you are buying in Lagos or Abuja. This has greatly increased our operational cost.”

Onyema explained that the early morning rush also contributed to the delays or cancellation of flights due to the airports’ limited parking space.

“Some passengers should be prosecuted for their “unruly behaviour”, the Air Peace CEO added.

On his part, Smart Adeyemi, chairman of the aviation committee, said the lawmakers are concerned about the safety measures put in place by the authorities across the country.

Adeyemi said the meeting with the operators was to seek solutions to delayed and cancelled flights.

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