There Is a clear indication that the federal government mighty ban flight from the united kingdom next week, amidst the second wave of the C0VID-19 pandemic.

The chairman of the senate committee on aviation . senator smart adeyemi said on Monday that national assemble and the ministry of aviation were considering banning flights from the united kingdom, the united state and some other countries with high rates of the pandemic

Some medical expert said that passengers from these highly infected countries are worsening COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, this was also the stand of the president of Nigeria medical association, Prof Innocent Ujah, in Abuja on Sunday when he granted interview to the press.

The presidential task force COVIC-19 recently impose flesh requirement on passenger from the united kingdom and the south Africa, though, flight from the two countries were not banned.

The task force said that there are no strains of the virus in Nigeria, but the authority is afraid that travelers who obtained fake COVID-19 clearance might have been responsible for the new wave in the country.

 As of Sunday, Nigeria had recorded 84,414 cases of the virus with 1,254 deaths. But deaths from the virus have increased sharply since the second wave started last month.

The national assembly through it committee on aviation, said the national assemble is worried over the sharp increase in corona virus and it death related. He urged the people to adhere strictly to the regulation rolled out by the Nigeria center for decease control, NCDC, to curb the spread of the virus.

 “The fact that we are experiencing the second wave is a concern. So, the ministry and the National Assembly are considering an outright ban of flights from the pandemic prone countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, the Asian countries,  Sweden, among others.

In a related development, the governor of river state, Governor Wike, advised various religions lead’s to be wary of spread of the decease, he charged them to ask their worshiper to obey the guideline of the government, that the government will not hesitate to use the full wroth of the law in dealing with any violators.

In another development, the Lagos state government are in full swing in looking for those, which he described selling of fake COVID-19 certificate.

Some economist, are of the opinion that stopping of flight, might have an advert infect on the economy of the nation considering the economic situation of the country at the moment.

Our in house analyst Mr. Lawson ID Asenoguan, said the government should do all within it power to curb the spread, but, in doing so, the people most be carried along, he said the government has not been sincere with the people, hence a lot of the common man who’s daily income is depended on their going out every day should be given some succor.

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