Benue State reject FG’s proposed ranching plans

Benue State reject FG’s proposed ranching plans

Benue State government on Tuesday said it has no land for cattle grazing routes as proposed by the Nigerian Government.

“While we may not stop the Federal Government’s plan to rehabilitate grazing reserves or create cattle routes in other states, we wish to make it clear that no land in Benue State has been gazetted for grazing routes, grazing reserves, cattle colonies and Ruga settlements,” Benue State Government said in a statement.

“Benue is therefore not part of the grazing reserves rehabilitation programme of the Federal Government.”

The state government’s statement was in reaction to the position of the Federal Government on cattle ranching.

Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu on Monday opposed the ban on open grazing of cattles by Southern governors, saying the move was unconstitutional.

Shehu faulted the southern governors who, he said, did not provide an alternative to banning the open grazing method to stop farmers and herders crisis in Nigeria.

The presidential spokesman noted that the Federal Government will implement national programme for cattle ranching in all states.

But Benue State Government said it does not support the idea.

“We expect the Federal Ministry of Agriculture to weigh the negative consequences its recommendation will have on the unity and security of the nation and advise Mr President that Nigerians are not on the same page with him regarding the matter of open grazing. It is not too late to salvage the situation,” the government said.

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