BREAKING: customs allegedly kill another youth on New Year’s eve in Oke-Odan

BREAKING: customs allegedly kill another youth on New Year’s eve in Oke-Odan

The youth in oke-odan in Yewa Local Government area of Ogun state took to the street new eve to protest the killing of one youth of the area, by men of the Nigeria customs, (NCS).

Information reaching our news desk, confirmed that the custom shot sporadically in a bid to apprehend a smuggler that was on the run, along idiroko border road which is the international road that linked Nigeria and Benin republic.

The killing did not go down well with the youth as they took to the street, barricaded the road, bonfire’s and causing heavy gridlock on the international road.

The journey from Idiroko to Ota, that normally take’s about thirty minutes, took many hour to navigate through the gridlocks.

As a result of the heavy barricade by the angry youth, the fare that is usually 250 to 300 naira, form idiroko to ota, went as high as 1,200 naira.

The angry youth threatened to engaged the NCS, who, immediately the incident flew the area for fear of reprisal.

It appears the cries of indigene of border communities over the killings of their youth in Ogun state by men of the Nigeria customs service are not yielding any result.

Over the year, innocent youth has continually lost their lives to stray bullets fired by men of the Nigeria customs in Ogun State command and men of the federal operating unit (FOU).

The youth of Ogun state on under the auspices of National youth council of Nigeria (NYCN) Wednesday took to the street to condemn the killing, saying, enough is enough.

Some journalist pulls a call across to the spoke person of NCS Ogun state area 1 command, Ahmed Oloyede, he neither debunked nor confirmed the Oke-Odan killing.

The spoke person promise to get back to the press, with a comprehensive detains of the incident.

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