COP26: Nigeria To Consider Investing In Nuclear Energy, Says Buhari

COP26: Nigeria To Consider Investing In Nuclear Energy, Says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says Nigeria will consider investing in nuclear energy as part of efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and adapt to climate change.

The President made the remarks in his message to rich nations at the COP26, a statement signed on Tuesday by presidential spokesman Garba Shehu said.

“We can also invest in nuclear. Though not renewable it is carbon neutral and capable of producing a baseload, constant electricity production on which sustained economic progress can be built,” Buhari said.

“Nigeria is among a handful of African countries exploring nuclear power, with a research reactor already operational.”

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Meanwhile, the President urged rich countries to support less developed countries as the race towards net-zero carbon emissions heats up.

According to Buhari, rich countries have a track-record of lying about their own climate sustainability progress while expecting less richer economies to make larger sacrifices.

He further called for the funding of more fossil fuel projects, particularly gas, in Nigeria as the country makes its transition into cleaner sources of energy.

“And we can also learn from our friends in Europe and America who do not always practice what they preach,” the President said.

“We call on them to lift the moratorium they have placed on fossil fuel investments in Africa.

“We cannot easily convert gas flaring – a by-product of the oil industry and Nigeria’s single greatest contributor to greenhouse emissions – to energy production without it.

“There are no such limitations on investment in natural gas power in the West where it is considered a transitional energy source.”

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