Discussing 2024 replacement for Gov. Obaseki now is insensitive.

Discussing 2024 replacement for Gov. Obaseki now is insensitive.

The call for who will replace the incumbent Governor of Edo state come’s 2024, has been described as insensitive and baseless, this condemnations is coming from the Deputy Whip of the Edo state House of Assembly, Honourable Ephraim Otaigbe Aluebhosele.

 Honourable Ephraim, said what is obtainable now is how every right thinking person in the state will join hands with the present governor to achieve his set goals. He further said, as the people’s representatives, the focus now is to carry out a robust debate on issues that is gear towards taking the state to the next stage.

In his words, “As the lawmakers representing our various constituencies in the Edo State House of Assembly, our focus, for now, should be how to carry out a robust debate on issues that would move the state to the next level.

“It is improper and against sane conscience for people, especially members of the house to be discussing either privately or publicly the issue of who becomes the governor in 2024 because we just did an election, we have a governor who just came in; who has not fully settled down, yet, we are talking about who becomes the governor in 2024.

“I don’t think I would be part of that debate right now because it is not right at all. We have a governor that we all rallied round. The entire state rallied round him to be elected and he has been elected. He has not even composed his cabinet. Then we are discussing 2024.“Well, for me I am very much concerned about what happened in the House of Assembly and how we are able to assist the governor to achieve his set goals.”

Honourable Ephraim, spoke of how robust debates are on the floor of the house saying: “It seems very funny when you say the number of members in the Edo State House of Assembly affects the quality of debate

“Wherever you have two or three people that are intellectually sound one could say that whatever the debate is, it would be robust. Let us take for instance when we had the old Bendel State, I would want to ask how many members actually represented the state at that point in time? There weren’t up to 24 members. I am proud to say that the number of members we have in the house is not due to our own making. I must tell you that the debate we are having in the house is very robust because I am part of the people in the house,” he said.

Honourable Ephraim , also heap praises on Governor Obaseki for his plans to probe the N30 billion Storm Water Project of the immediate past administration of Adams Oshiomhole’s.

“We should actually give him accolade. It then means that he is one of the most sincere persons we have on earth because he is saying that whoever is involved would be probed. To me, he is doing the right thing. I don’t know who and who is concerned or involved in the project and as the lawmaker representing Igueben constituency in the Edo State House of Assembly I am also very happy to see that we want to get to the root of the Stormwater project.”

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