Edo 2024: Obaseki’s Failure Spurred My Ambition – Olumide Akpata

Edo 2024: Obaseki’s Failure Spurred My Ambition – Olumide Akpata

Former President of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Bar. Olumide Akpata, has announced his candidacy for the Edo state governorship, citing the perceived shortcomings of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration led by Governor Godwin Obaseki as a primary motivation.

Speaking to journalists following his disassociation from protests against Julius Abure, National Chairman of the Labour Party, Akpata clarified his stance amidst speculation of being aligned with Obaseki’s interests.

“I am not Governor Obaseki’s proxy or supporter,” Akpata asserted. “The question arises: what message would Obaseki convey to me as an emissary? Is it the lack of educational infrastructure, unpaved roads, or inadequate healthcare facilities the PDP provides? Is that the message he expects me to carry as a representative? One cannot offer what one does not possess.”

Akpata dismissed notions of being Obaseki’s ally, suggesting such assumptions stem from scepticism regarding his candidacy.

Regarding allegations of instigating anti-Abure sentiments, Akpata reaffirmed his commitment to fortifying the Labour Party and collaborating with like-minded leaders to ensure its efficacy as an opposition force.

“I have joined the Labour Party to contribute to its growth and work alongside dedicated party members to bolster its capabilities,” Akpata declared. “My allegiance to the LP is steadfast, and no individual can sway me otherwise. Political opportunism is not within my purview. I have consciously aligned with the LP, and that allegiance remains unwavering.”

Akpata’s decision to enter the gubernatorial fray underscores the dynamic political landscape in Edo state, with contenders positioning themselves amidst evolving narratives and aspirations for effective governance.

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