Enough is Enough Persons Living With Disability tell’ s National Assembly,

Enough is Enough Persons Living With Disability tell’ s National Assembly,

A number of people living with disabilities from the Niger Delta region on Thursday stormed the National Assembly Complex in Abuja to protest neglect by Federal Lawmakers representing them in the Federal Legislature.

The aggrieved protesters under the banner of Great Minds foundation of people living with deformities Niger Delta, forced themselves inside the assembly complex despite resistance by security operatives at the National Assembly gate.

The spokesperson of the group, Amos Etim, said they arrived at the National Assembly from various states of the Niger Delta to demand their rights from their representatives.

Etim further said “We are representatives of the Niger Delta. We came here to demand for what is ours because in everything we have been marginalised – even jobs we don’t have. We were here when the disability bill was passed into law but since we gave these people our proposal they have not listened to us,”

“Presently what is causing this confusion is that our delegates came yesterday and they had a good dialogue with the senate and the house, and they were told that they would be provided with a Hilux to pick up only the executive to come meet with them for a dialogue.

“We have waited, nothing. This is why we are here.”

some of security men who was trying to prevent them from entering into the main building of the national National Assembly was manhandled by Some of the persons living with disabilities

The Deputy Whip of the Senate, Senator  Aliyu Sabi, who lead other lawmakers to meet with the protesters appealed for calm and said their grievances will be addressed.

Senator Sabi asked the protesters to delegate a five-man team to meet the National Assembly leaders.“Yesterday we were supposed to see you but there was a mistake in the timing. It is not that we did not plan to see you.” said sabi

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