Ethiopia Government Sends Food Supplies to Tigray’s Capital

Ethiopia Government Sends Food Supplies to Tigray’s Capital

The Ethiopian government has said trucks of food supplies have been sent to the capital of the northern Tigray state, where it overthrew the regional administration.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office said 30 lorries carrying 12,500 bags of 100 kilograms food supplies have reached the city of Mekelle, with an additional 7,000 bags of wheat flour on the way.

An additional three lorries of medical supplies are expected to reach the city and will be distributed by Saturday, it said in a statement.

The government has also denied claims that humanitarian assistance in the region was impeded due to ongoing fighting.

It said access into the region is being “coordinated in consultation with the government”.

UN officials had last week said continued fighting in many parts of region was hindering efforts to deliver aid.

Hundreds of people have reportedly been killed in the the month-long conflict, while tens of thousands have been displaced, with a wave of refugees fleeing into Sudan.

Communications blackouts since the start of the fighting have made it difficult to verify reports.

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