Federal University, Oye-Ekiti Were Lecturers Demand Sex From Their Student For Good Grade

Federal University, Oye-Ekiti Were Lecturers Demand Sex From Their Student For Good Grade

It looks like the federal university, Oye-Ekiti will continue to swim in hot waters, the controversies that surrounded the appointment of the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abayomi Fasina, couple with the suspension of the school registrar, are issues that has engulfed the citadel of higher learning in recent past.

The university is entangled with another problems that is dragging the name of the school to disrepute. The present Vice Chancellor is doing all it can to improve the image of the school, but his effort is not seeing the light of the day as some sex hungry lecturers, who are not contented with their wives at home are bent on bringing the name of the institutions to dark in a broad day light, this will no doubt bring a dent to the enviable record that the new Vice Chancellor have achieved so far.

Some time ago, the institution was entangled in sex molestations which saw the exit of some influential lecturer like Professor Atere of Criminology department.

Associate Professor in the department of Theatre and Media Arts, Dr. Jonathan Mbachaga is currently in the news for allegation, of sex. Dr. Mbachaga, the immediate past Head of Department is fond of molesting the female students, especially those under his supervision possibly for getting good grades just like that Nigerian Professor, Richard Akindele who was accused and found guilty of demanding sex from a female student and later sent to prison.

Dr Mbachaga may be heading to prison if the recent allegation is properly and a broad wide investigation is carried out by does that are saddled to bring justice to the allegation, do their work without intimidation.

 The said lecturer is reputable to be good at harassing, intimidating and threatening his students or supervises all in a bid to go down with them. He sleeps with them and even fail them or give them a low mark.

Things however came in the open when as usual, he slept with one of his supervisees who eventually have an extra year.

please more to come…………….

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