How can I earn $10-$20 a day with forex trading?

How can I earn $10-$20 a day with forex trading?

I believe that it is not something that you cannot achieve easily. If your basics are clear, you won’t face much problem in making $10-$20 a day. As per my experience,

I can suggest using the market research tools offered by brokers like TurnkeyForex, FxPro, Forex-time, and IG to scan and analyze the markets you want to trade in.

By doing so, you will get an idea about how the markets work and what strategies you will have to use to make the desired profits.

Apart from doing this, you also need to make sure that you look for a broker that has low minimum deposits so that you don’t have to struggle about arranging minimum account balance.

I know brokers like Turnkey-Forex and Forex-time that have $5 as their minimum deposits that would fit perfectly in your requirements.
Then you can use a parallel line strategy to scalp 10–10 pips trades with 0.02 lots and it in 3–4 trades, you will be at 15–20$ easy.

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