‘I murdered her in revenge and I’m prepared to die’ — Uduak Akpan, alleged killer of Iniubong Umoren

‘I murdered her in revenge and I’m prepared to die’ — Uduak Akpan, alleged killer of Iniubong Umoren

The alleged murderer of the Miss Iniubong Umoren, the philosophy graduate of the University of Uyo, Uduak Frank Akpan, has said he is prepared to die for his crime if that would be the only acceptable justice for the murder. He said even as he denied killing any other girl except Iniubong.

He has also admitted to luring and raping more than six girls through advertising for phony job vacancies. He claimed doing that purely as a way of revenge for past duping by girls.

Paraded alongside his father. Mr Frank Akpan, at the Akwa Ibom Police Command Headquarters, Ikot Akpabia, Uyo, on Friday, the 20-year 200 level  student of Public Administration of Obong University, Obong Ntak, admitted killing Iniubong when she reported for the fake job interview.

His story: “What happened was that she came for the supposed job interview, I decided to use a reverse psychology on her. I asked her whether she could work as secretary in a farm where hard drugs are kept. She said that she can and added that she was ready to work. But when she came I told her that this farm doesn’t exist. I said that it was just a hoax.

“I told her that before we could even start I would like to have sex with her and she agreed on condition that I use condom, which I agreed. But while I was removing the condom she became furious and picked the nearby stabilizer and hit me on the head. She also bit my left ring finger and tried to reach for the door screaming. While I was bleeding, in a bid to stop her, I used the stabiliser to also hit her. When I hit her very hard she fell there and died.”

He confessed that Iniubong was not his first victim but added that she was the only one that died. He also admitted using pressing iron to also hit the deceased on her abdomen.

According to him, his father was not around when the whole thing happened and never assisted him in any way to either kill or bury the remains of the deceased. Asked for his motive for inviting the lady to his house when he knew there was no job, the suspect said: “Initially, I used reversed psychology on her. I have had very bad experiences with runs girls and prostitutes. I asked whether she could work in a farm where hard drugs are kept and she accepted. She even told me she took marijuana and cocaine.

“I felt that that was the best way to revenge for my duping in the past by runs girls and prostitutes. I used to patronize prostitutes but now I don’t.” Asked if he is happy with himself for what he did, he answered: “I am not happy about what has happened. But the Commissioner of Police has assured Akwa Ibomites and the entire world that justice will take its course.”

He added that if that justice promised by the police on the matter would mean his life being taken, he said he was prepared to die.

His father, a retired director in the Federal Ministry of Lands, denied knowledge of the crime. He said he did not know anything about it until he was invited by the police. He admitted though that the house in which the murder was committed belongs to him.

On the admission by his son about taking undue advantage of six girls and having forceful carnal knowledge of them in the compound against their will, he said he was not aware of that. “The reason is because we just relocated from Abuja,” he said. “I have not been around for 30 years. We have been living outside. We just relocated because I have been retired. It is not even up to two years since we came back.”

He also denied of being in the business of selling human parts as alleged. Asked what kind of justice he expects to be meted out to his son in this case, he stuttered and said: “I’m not happy about what my child had done. I don’t even believe this can happen to me after I had sent them to school, tried to bring them up. Yea, justice can be done if the system so permits.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Amiegheme Andrew said he decided to parade the suspect to puncture the rumour that he had committed suicide while in police cell. He gave the assurance that the police would do their utmost to ensure that justice is not only done but seen to have been done, stressing that the police cannot cover up any crime in the state irrespective of who is involved.

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