I will kill you if you insult Bishop Oyedepo – Ibiyeomie

I will kill you if you insult Bishop Oyedepo – Ibiyeomie

The General Overseer, Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has vowed to tear anyone to pieces and kill him if the person should insult Bishop David Oyedepo.

He first dropped the bombshell in February and re-echoed it again on Sunday during a sermon.

Bishop Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith Worldwide and a flamboyant prosperity preacher currently building the largest single auditorium in the world that will take 109,000 worshippers at a single service.

He is the mentor of Ibiyeomie who came through his tutelage. He has pattern his lifestyle after Oyedepo and would dare no one to speak ill of him.

Ibiyeomie does not care if anyone should insult him or his wife, but to touch Oyedepo means death for such adversary running foul of Christ’s doctrine of forgiveness.

He had once threatened to kill critic, Daddy Freeze for insulting Oyedepo. In the Pastor’s words- “I will kill (Daddy Freeze) you. I will crush you to pieces. I curse the day you were born.”

But on Sunday he reasserted his threat: “I can tell you something: there are people you insult, I won’t forgive you. In human life, the first person you will insult that I won’t forgive you is Oyedepo.

“Insult me, insult my wife, I don’t care but if you take your mouth to touch my wife you are touching me. If you insult Oyedepo I will kill you; and that’s how God is. You know why? If Bishop Oyedepo was not alive my Christianity would have been nonsense.

“He made me love Christianity. Can you be alive and somebody is insulting your father? I will slap you; you are not born. Don’t you see how I tore that beast to pieces? I will tear you to pieces. I will fight you spiritually, fight you everywhere, fight you law court, till they send you to jail.

“When people fight you, fight them till they go down. God is jealous about you. If we the humans can be jealous about people, God is so jealous about you.”

An unrepentant Ibiyeomie told a story how a man attempted to run his mouth against Oyedepo in his office and had to shut him out for four years.

He said: “For four years, I did not pick his call. He said because of Oyedepo? I said, ‘Yes sir. Don’t you know where to have your tongue?  I knew you because of him; if you insult him, you are insulting my father.’ He said, ‘ah! You are overdoing your own thing.’ I said, before? Okay if you say Oyedepo is bad, me, am I good? You say the chicken is bad and the egg is good?”

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