Insecurity: You have failed woefully ― Dr.Muhammad Junaid Tells Buhari

Insecurity: You have failed woefully ― Dr.Muhammad Junaid Tells Buhari

Dr. Muhammad Junaid is one Nigeria from the northern Nigeria extraction that is known for his unbiased critics, in bearing his mind on issues of national interest, the Second Republic Federal lawmaker, says the administration under the watch of president Buhari has performed far beyond expectations.   

According to Dr. Junaid, “As regards the statement made by the President concerning security in the country generally and northeast, I think President Muhammadu Buhari is been economical with the truth.

“First, I believe within this week, there are three or four attacks. And any leader who can give himself pass mark not to talk of half when the situation on ground is the reverse is not sincere or honest with people of this country.

“Nobody likes conflicts, lack of security but it is absolutely unbearable for leaders to invent lies in order to give himself credits for what he has not done and for which he cannot claim credit for.

 “In addition also, it does not add any value or credibility to the government, the party, military and the President himself.

 “In the words of former President Lincoln, once a leader has lost the confidence of the citizens, he can never regain it.

“He proceeded by saying that you can deceive some of the people some of the time, you can deceive all of the people some of the time … But he finished that quote by saying nobody succeeds by deceiving all the people all the time.

 “What is evident in Nigeria now is that this government has nothing to offer. They believe they can lie their way through to the end of their tenure, 2023. And that to them is what they call an achievement.

“Unfortunately for them, history is never written by who want to praise themselves. Somebody, whether we are alive or not, will write a more objective history especially from the time these crises of Boko Haram, banditry started.

 “They have failed woefully. Nigerians including former heads of states have come out openly to say that Nigeria is already a failed state. I can’t see how any leader can come out and start claiming credit and giving himself kudos when he did nothing.

 “I see not only his statement but I see he himself as a threat to the security of the country.

“Because if you cannot tell the people you govern the truth you are a positive threat to them. Because only when the people know the truth they will be able to follow you.”

His stands on national issues are testimonies that has always stand him out as one detribalised Nigeria. He had in the past advised this government in countless occasions. The insecurity problems in Nigeria, according to him, has made Nigeria a nation where criminality strives, under the watch of president Buhari

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