Kidnappers Kill Kano Businessman Despite Collecting N6m Ransom

Kidnappers Kill Kano Businessman Despite Collecting N6m Ransom

Yahaya Hassan Musa, a 39-year-old businessman, who was kidnapped last week, has been found dead.

Musa, who was married with two kids, was found in a forest hours after his abductors received a N6m ransom.

He was kidnapped last Thursday on his way back from Cotonou, Benin Republic, after a business trip.

He was kidnapped in a forest around Mopa area of Kogi State. The kidnappers initially demanded N10m in ransom and later reduced it to N6m.

The late Yahaya’s brother, Abubakar Hassan Musa, who took the N6m to thekidnappers, said his brother used to fly whenever he travelled, but that on that fateful trip he decided to return by road.

“The kidnappers requested that I should take the money to a forest in Kabba. I went and delivered the money in cash. They then directed me to a place where I would meet him, but I did not meet him. I slept in the forest alone.” He told City & Crime.

“The following day I continued searching until a woman who was kidnapped alongside my brother called me and said they killed him before even collecting the ransom, but that she didn’t know where they dumped his body.

“I went back to the nearby town and hired hunters to get back into the forest and search for the corpse. After treking many kilometers, we found his decomposing corpse.”

He said because they couldn’t find a bus to carry the corpse because of its decaying condition, they buried him in the bush according Islamic rites after consulting the family in Kano.

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