“Mohbad wrote 97% of all Marlian music”- Kemi Olunloyo reveals

“Mohbad wrote 97% of all Marlian music”- Kemi Olunloyo reveals

Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo alleges that the late Nigerian singer Mohbad was the primary creative force behind Marlian Music, claiming he wrote nearly 97% of the label’s songs.

The controversial journalist also disclosed that Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, had a substantial net worth, estimated at around N700 million (approximately $690,000).

According to Olunloyo’s findings, Naira Marley, the head of Marlian Music, owed Mohbad a staggering N300 million in song royalties.

The investigative journalist alleged that Mohbad had been struggling to receive his royalties and streaming revenues from Naira Marley, leading to a strained business relationship between the two artists.

Furthermore, Olunloyo suggested that a court-appointed probate lawyer should take control of Mohbad’s music assets if Naira Marley releases the owed funds.

She anticipated a contentious legal battle over the issue. Olunloyo also proposed a DNA test to establish the paternity of Mohbad’s son, with the intention of creating a trust fund for the child’s benefit.

Expressing her skepticism about Mohbad’s family members, including his mother, father, and wife, Olunloyo recommended transferring all of the artist’s assets, especially the substantial revenues generated from his final project “BLESSED,” to a trust fund managed by his Imolenization team.

The journalist cautioned aspiring artists to carefully scrutinize record deals and contract terms, citing Mohbad’s predicament as a cautionary tale.

She drew parallels to Davido’s early career struggles and the need for his father to buy out his contract to secure his freedom.

Mohbad, who tragically passed away recently, did not leave behind a will, according to Olunloyo’s disclosures.

Kemi Olunloyo wrote;

“MOHBAD’S MUSIC ESTATE: After my research monitoring streams and the Imolenization CAC search, I discovered that Mohbad as of today is worth N700M roughly around $690,000

Naira Marley owes him N~300M in song royalties?On my X Spaces,, I mentioned the top 3 songwriters in Nigeria as Tiwa, Teni and the third person is actually Mohbad. Mohbad wrote almost 97% of all the songs at Malian Music.

Songwriters get royalties and I mentioned
as an example when I was a Canadian ??Grammy Judge

Mohbad complained that Naira Marley was holding his royalties and streaming revenues as well as downloads. They pretty much had a BAD BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP. Artist developers are needed in Nigeria. Remove the drugs and cultism and the industry will be super global. As you can see Davido came to represent the brotherhood despite the fact that I warned him not to step in Nigeria. Only the intelligent can understand that part. Nobody speaks against the brotherhood. Most music industry label bosses and the ones at the top have largely been silent. They are all affiliated with the same cult. They can’t speak against Naira Marley.

My suggestion as Mohbad’s estate hits one Billion Naira in days to come is for a court-appointed probate lawyer to take over his music assets assuming Naira Marley releases the funds. It will be a bitter court fight. He should have taken this to court a long time but people like Zlatan and Bella Shmurda told him to “hang in there.” These devil-sent frenemies could have helped him. It’s like a woman being beaten by her husband and relatives tell her to stay in the bad relationship. The toxicity will finally kill you. Drug abuse, hypertension, alcohol etc developed. All his major hits are in Marlian music plus all the songs he wrote for Zino and Naira all added to that N300M. The rest is from the streams and downloads from:

Apple Music
Google play music
Amazon music etc etc

Meanwhile, you’re busy trying to find out WHO killed him instead of WHAT killed him and who gets his estate. His son needs a DNA ? test to establish paternity and if that is fine, all his music assets should be put in a trust fund till he’s 18. I don’t trust his crocodile teary mom who abandoned him 15yrs, nor his midnight burial dad or the wife. His Imolenization team are the only one with access to the revenues on his final project “BLESSED” It has blown with huge revenues. Everything should be transferred to a trust fund.

Know who you’re signing record deals with and the terms of the contract. Mohbad wanted to leave but didn’t understand what it meant to break a contract. Shebi we saw a similar thing happen with Davido around 2010 with his first label. His dad Deji Adeleke had to BUY out his contract. I’ve been a music journalist for 20 years today September 21st, 2003 out of my almost 30 years of journalism. Also
a music publicist organizing events and doing PR for many artists like Nicki, Ciara, Sean Kingston, Dija, Wizkid and more in Canada ??
Mohbad did not leave a WILL behind.
May he rest in peace.”.

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