Mohbad’s mum speaks on why he kept her identity hidden

Mohbad’s mum speaks on why he kept her identity hidden

Mrs Promise Aloba, the mother of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba (Mohbad), has revealed a heartfelt account of the myriad ways her late son graciously supported her during his time on Earth.

She also shared intimate discussions and stern admonitions she imparted to him regarding the ceaseless torment he endured.

In an interview with TVC, the grieving mother shared that she deliberately kept her identity as Mohbad’s mother a secret, fearing for her safety, believing that revealing their relationship might lead to her being kidnapped or harmed.

Her words;

“I don’t tell people I’m Mohbad’s mother, because he was scared I might get kidnapped or killed. I’ve used just five months in the new house he rented for me, he even visited me 3 times.”

She revealed that her son had generously provided her with a new house, where she spent only five months, and he visited her three times, gave her feeding allowance every month.

The grieving mum recounted how Mohbad had relocated her from her previous residence to Ikordu and even rented a substantial shop comprising three units for her. Although she hadn’t opened the shop yet, Mohbad had also provided the funds for her to purchase two large freezers and a hefty generator.

Discussing the day her son passed away, she recalled his promise to send her N5 million to stock up the shop with goods. However, his wife suggested finding additional support, as they couldn’t purchase all the goods at once.

With a heavy heart, she admitted her fear of returning to Ikorodu and mentioned her efforts to rent out the shop for financial assistance.

She expressed her son’s constant fear and the challenges he faced, especially after being physically attacked during the his EP launch party. She disclosed that he consistently reported these incidents to the police.

She said in parts;

But now I’m scared, I can’t go back to lkorodu, I called someone to help me rent the shop out and give me the money.

My son did not enjoy himself, he lived in fear. He did not enjoy himself. Whenever I visit him here, he sits right there and I’ll sit with him, then take him upstairs to sleep but he’ll be shaking his head.

I even thought all those problems and attacks had stopped, but when they b£at him again recently after he dropped his EP, I said these people haven’t left you, and he always goes to the police station to report, because I witnessed it twice”

Mrs. Aloba revealed that she shared a precious 10 days with her son, blissfully unaware of the impending tragedy. To her astonishment, she departed on a Saturday, only for him to tragically pass away just two days later, on that fateful Monday.

According to her, the reason for her Saturday departure was due to his upcoming show. He pleaded relentlessly, begging her to stay. However, she managed to negotiate some church time for herself on Sunday, which became her lifeline. It was her mention of church that convinced him to let her go.

Her words;

“I spent 10 days with him, I did not know he was going to di£, I left on Saturday and he di£d on Monday. And the reason i left on Saturday was because he had a show, he begged, begged, and begged me not t leave. So I told him that won’t he allow me to go to church on Sunday, that I’ve missed church for two weeks and I needed to go and pray because l’m losing myself. It was the church that I mentioned that made him let me go. 

“Because him and his wife were pranking me, I told him that I was going but because he doesn’t want m to go, he delayed giving me my feeding money because he knows I’Il leave if he gives me the money. Normally, he gives me feeding allowance every month..”

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