Nigeria: 114 Escapees Recaptured after Kogi Jailbreak

Nigeria: 114 Escapees Recaptured after Kogi Jailbreak

The Controller General for Correctional Services, Haliru Nababa, has said 114 escapees from the Sunday night Kabba prison attack, Kogi State, have been recaptured in total.

The centre, which had security officers on duty, including 15 Soldiers, 10 Police Officers and 10 armed guards of the NCoS sustained casualties as two officers were yet to be accounted for while one soldier and a policeman lost their lives during the attack.

A statement on Tuesday by the spokesman of NCoS, Francis Enobore, read that following the attack on the Medium Security Custodial Centre, Kabba in Kogi State on 12th September, 2021 and the swift intervention of security, a total of 114 escapees have been recaptured.

The statement said the CG, who personally led a team to the Custodial Centre for on-the-spot assessment, directed immediate Search Party Response Team to go after the escapees while security was immediately beefed up through the deployment of additional Armed Squad personnel to fortify the facility.

The CG commended the collaboration and support extended to the Service by sister security agencies including the vigilante groups, which assisted in recapturing the fleeing inmates.

He advised the remaining escapees to turn themselves in within the next 24 hours or risk prosecution if arrested. He noted that it would be of no use for them to keep hiding since their photographs and biometrics have been captured and are intact.

While assuring the general public of their safety, the CG stated that no effort would be spared in smoking out fugitives from hiding.

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