Nigeria: Repatriated £4.2m Ibori Loot ‘Returned to Delta State’

Nigeria: Repatriated £4.2m Ibori Loot ‘Returned to Delta State’

Nigeria’s Accountant-General, Ahmed Idris says the recently repatriated £4.2 million loot recovered from a former governor of Delta State, James Ibori and his associates has been returned to the state government.

Mr Idris stated this on Tuesday when he appeared before a Nigerian parliament’s Ad hoc Committee on Assessment and Status of All Recovered Loots Movable and Immovable Assets from 2002 to 2020 by Agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria for Effective Efficient Management and Utilisation.

The Accountant General of the Federation told members of the ad hoc committee of the House of Representatives that the money was returned to the state to avoid litigation against the federal government.

“It depends on the nature of recoveries. Some recoveries are for state governments, and when they come, we will send them to the state governments, including the Ibori loot.

“The recovery of the Ibori loot was paid to Delta state. The states will not allow their monies to be taken; they will take us to court, and we don’t joke with that.”

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