Nigerian Idol: Final 11 Contestants Emerge, Set For Sunday

Nigerian Idol: Final 11 Contestants Emerge, Set For Sunday

After two weeks of excitement, the theatre week for Nigerian Idol season 6 came to an end last night as the judges finally selected the 11 contestants who will be battling it out in the finals to become Nigeria’s next biggest singing sensation.

Initially, 68 contestants were selected for the theatre week, but after a series of tests and performances, only 11 scaled through.

During the second week of theatre week, contestants were assessed on the strength of their voice and their overall stage performance. It was the end of the road for many of the contestants, as the judges felt they were either not strong enough to compete or had shown little to no improvement in the past week.

Producer, songwriter and singer, Winning was among those whose journey was cut short.  His personality and charisma had earned him a spot in the theatre week,  but unfortunately, he was unable to wow the judges again. Agbutun Agbalaya had also shown lots of promise, but his last individual performance was not good enough.

However, 16-year-old Comfort Alalade showed great improvement from last week and was rewarded with a spot in the final. The judges were continuously amazed by her voice and performance.

Akunna was also lucky to make it into the finals. Although she lost her voice right before the performance, she still went ahead to give a great performance. Her determination and resilience landed her a spot in the finals alongside Kingdom Kroseide, Clinton, Beyonce, Faith, Dotun, Francis and Emmanuel.

After these nine were chosen, it was a battle between Daniel and Faith Mac on who would land the last spot into the finals. However, in a shocking twist, both Daniel and Faith Mac made it to the finals making the total number of contestants heading the big stage 11 instead of the usual top 10.

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