Obey the rules to aviod another lock down Presidency urges Nigerians, on COVID-19

Obey the rules to aviod another lock down Presidency urges Nigerians, on COVID-19

The second wave of C0VID-19 pandemic in Nigeria has reached alarming stage, the lack of adherence to the rules and protocols laid down by relevant agencies is a big concern to the federal government of Nigeria.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, expresses the concern of the federal government, in a statement issued on Sunday, the federal government said further violations of the protocols could lead to fresh lockdown.

In the statement, he said the government is reluctant to have another lock down, this according to him, another lock down will affect the generality of citizens, who go out every day to look for daily bread.

Another lock down will see a lot of people not having food on their table daily, without venturing out for their day to day business.  

In his words. “The Buhari administration is most reluctant to lock down the country and continues to emphasize the non-pharmaceutical measures and the only way to avert lockdowns is to observe these measures as put in place by the Presidential Task Force,”.

“Nigerians have come a long way from the dreaded lockdown and the administration is unhappy about any prospects of bringing it back as many citizens will not have food on the table without venturing out on a day-to-day business.”

According to Garba Shehu, he said the COVID-19 is a national threat especially to the population and also to the economy, the Nigeria economy has suffered a lot since the novel coronavirus came on board.  

 “Protecting public health is one of the sacred duties of any responsible government and the administration will not abdicate that responsibility.”

The federal government appealed to Nigerians to give their maximum cooperation, and support to raid the country of this decease, recently the president Buhari signed the coronavirus executive order, that will imprison any violators, for up to six months in imprisonment.  

Another lock down will not be on the best interest of the nation and the government calls for total compliance to the rules and protocols. Last year, five weeks lockdown was imposed on the country  

Wearing of face masks, washing of hands regularly with soap and clean water, and practising social distancing are parts of the non-pharmaceutical interventions in place to limit the spread of the virus.

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