Officer Serving In Yobe Weeps, Narrates Boko Haram Torture

Officer Serving In Yobe Weeps, Narrates Boko Haram Torture

A police sergeant serving in Gubja, Yobe State, has accused the authorities of abandonment.

In a video, which has gone viral on social media, the officer lamented over his plight and that of his colleagues.

The sergeant narrated how he survived a Boko Haram attack in which many policemen were killed.

He said the insurgents burnt down his property and those of other officers who survived the attack.

It is unclear when the video was recorded but it is currently trending on social media.

“Good morning fellow Nigerians. See what happened to me in Gujba. In Gujba, there was an attack on 17th. They killed my colleagues, they killed Paul. See us that survived today, see how they burnt our things.

“Since we came for this operation in Yobe State since December, making it seven months today, no feeding, no allowance, nothing! Because of the N53,000 I am collecting in Nigeria Police as a sergeant, I am dying in Yobe State.

“Look at how they are burning our things. Look at how many people have died. Nigeria, look into our problem; we are dying. No helper. What are we dying in this country for? Why? Nothing! Hungry servicemen. God is there.”

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