ONENESS FORUM: The Global Citizen’s

ONENESS FORUM: The Global Citizen’s

oneness forum selected members

Many have to give and they refused to, why some have and willing to give their widow’s mind. The main reason the existence of man on earth is worth appreciated by divine divinity, it is the part men and women play’s in the life’s of other’s that need’s  attention(s). It is not by accident that some are born to face challenges on earth, buy the Lord God, has designed it so, because he has planted men and women to give them a helping hand that will carefully land them in their comfort zones.

ONENESS is a forum that have business men and philanthropist, of like mind’s whom are captains of industries in their various capacities, this is one group of people that the Lord has planted on this part of the world to put smiles and bring happiness on people’s faces.

Their membership cut across the globe, hence, people called them global citizen’s. they have member’s in united state’s of America, in Canada, Germany, Spain united kingdom, Australia, to mention a few.

Today, the Africa Giant News crew, cut up with them as they do what they knows how to do best. Some of their members were selected to put a smile on the children of St MONICA’S ORPHANAGE home oke ayo ishaga a suburb in Lagos, Nigeria west Africa.

This gesture is one too many at a time the world in general is going through limitation’s. items wealth tens of thousand of naira was today donated to St MONICA’S ORPHANAGE home. By this group of patriots. This will go a long way to ameliorate and put a smile on the faces of the children during this festive period.

The entire management of St MONICA’S ORPHANAGE home was full of appreciation, and offers prayers for each and every members of the group.

Eghosa-osawe jr

reporting for AFRICA GIANT NEWS

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