Our Personality of The Week Gloria Ehikioya, base in Dublin

Our Personality of The Week Gloria Ehikioya, base in Dublin

For some, life has a lot of chapter’s that is characterized with uncertainty, to some challenges are motivator’s, and, it is expected in other to move to the next level in the journey of life. In applying the basic theories that makes one a perfect being is another kettle of fish.

Gloria Ehikioya is one lady that has dedicated her life to the service of other’s, a mother and one that understand the value of motherhood, she has continue to stand out in every area of her endeavor. A health care worker in far away land, Gloria has been a worthy ambassador of Nigeria, with her good character content.

An advocate of peace, and one with prudent attitude towards others. coming up from a humble beginning both in Edo State and Lagos, easy going person, her attitude towards life is a very simple principle that if well followed lead’s to a path of progress and prosperity, which she has embrace.

Gloria Ehikioya born on the 7th of may , a healthcare worker and mom , living in Dublin Ireland, she is our personality of the week

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