Politicians are the sponsors of the Violence in parts of the country – Uzodinma

Politicians are the sponsors of the Violence in parts of the country – Uzodinma

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has insisted that the violence in parts of the country were sponsored by disgruntled politicians.

He said this in an interview as a guest on Politics Today on Channels TV.

Governor Uzodinma alleged that the present security challenges in Imo and some other states were being sponsored by aggrieved politicians.

According to the governor, a comprehensive report is being compiled and Nigerians will be shocked when the identities of the sponsors of violence are revealed soon.

Governor Uzodinma said, What is happening in the country today, not only in Imo State, it not ordinary; from all indications, this is a  sponsored programme by some people at it is targeted at the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC, and the whole idea is to discredit this government, whether rightly or wrongly with a view to coming up in 2023 to see how they can put in a new government.

“I want to say that politics must be played with some level of decorum, people must have consciences, people must do things with the fear of God.

“This government of President Muhammadu Buhari must be allowed to function… let us support him and build our country. This is the only country we have and we have no other country that we can call our own.”

He added, “I don’t want to pre-empt the investigation that we are carrying out currently but at the end of the day, when the report is ready, Nigerians will know the truth.

“I want to challenge those politicians who are aggrieved, who had the opportunity but could not deliver, to think twice and save our country because the unity and interest of this country are more important than any individual interest.”

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