Travellers with ‘mix and match’ COVID-19 vaccination face quarantine in England

Travellers with ‘mix and match’ COVID-19 vaccination face quarantine in England

Travellers from Europe who have been vaccinated with two different jabs will have to quarantine after the Government altered rules.

It means people who have had two doses from different suppliers – for example a first from AstraZeneca and a second from Pfizer – will have to remain in isolation for 10 days after arriving in the UK, Yahoo News reports.

The practice of mixing vaccine doses is common in Europe, particularly among younger people in countries where guidance on the AstraZeneca vaccine changed amid concerns that it can cause rare blood clots.

Amongst those who have mixed vaccines are Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and Olivier Veran, the French health minister.

The UK Government’s move comes despite there being no reports or medical evidence to show that mixing vaccine brands lessens protection from Covid.

The World Health Organisation has said there is “no adequate data” on the subject, while a report conducted by the European Commission found mixing vaccines may increase immunity.

People who have two types of vaccination coming to Britain from amber list countries will now be subject to the same rules as the unvaccinated. It is estimated the change will affect tens of thousands of people.

The rules for travellers from amber countries include 10 days of quarantine for anyone who has only had one vaccine or is unvaccinated. To be considered as having been fully vaccinated, travellers must have had their second dose at least 14 days prior to travelling.

The change comes as the Government is reportedly discussing plans to make booster shots for travel and for care home workers mandatory.

A source told The Mail on Sunday: “The assumption is that you will be required to have the most up-to-date health passport. So if the advice is to have a booster six months after your second jab, then that is what you’ll need.”

Millions of people are set to be offered a third vaccination from next month, with all adults aged 50 and over, as well as the immunosuppressed, set to be offered a jab by Christmas.

The Department for Transport and the Department of Health have been contacted for comment.

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