When You Need Light, Go To Those That Already Have It,

When You Need Light, Go To Those That Already Have It,

Bishop David Oyedepo

papa as his widely called by his follower’s said today in the live ministration of this year’s shiloh, 2020, When You Need Light, you have to go to those that already have it, that it will be counter productive to found light in someone that do not have it, to give,

He went on further to drive home his point by saying that ” you can go to the market to get food stuff’s and you hope to get it in the section where cement are sold” and he encouraged the entire congregations to engage themselves in the act of book reading, that book reading is only the way you can liberate yourselves from every bondage.

He also emphasized on the need to hear from does that the lord has placed in your life before you can make any meaningful impact in life.

Eghosa-osawe junior

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