Wike now supports Biafra, because he wants south-east’s votes – IPOB

Wike now supports Biafra, because he wants south-east’s votes – IPOB

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) says Nyesom Wike, presidential hopeful on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is against its agitation. 

The proscribed separatist group was responding to a statement made by Wike on Tuesday.

The Rivers governor, who appeared in an interview on Channels Television, had said there was a time Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB leader, was singing his praises over his support for the group’s agitation.

According to Wike, his problem with IPOB started when they allegedly came to Rivers to set ablaze government properties and force their membership on the residents of Rivers.

But reacting in a statement issued on Thursday, Emma Powerful, IPOB spokesperson, described Wike as a “shameless liar”.

IPOB said the Rivers governor has never shown support for their movement and has “suddenly” done so because he needs votes from the south-east.

“The recent statement from Wike and his cronies shows that he is under the influence of something by saying that. Is it not the same Wike who classified IPOB as a violent organisation and ordered us to keep off from Rivers state? How Nigerian politicians lie blatantly without shame! Just because of politics Wike has become a shameless liar,” the statement reads.

“Wike knows he needs the support and vote of the Igbo and other Biafrans that is why he suddenly turned to be a supporter of IPOB. We won’t forget the atrocities of Wike against BIAFRA. We know our friends and supporters and they know us. Wike should stop dissipating his energy because he will not escape judgement for his wickedness against his fellow Biafrans who he denied.

“Wike cannot claim to be unaware of the great efforts and sacrifices of IPOB members in his election as Rivers Governor, especially in his second tenure when the evil forces in Abuja wanted to stop him at all cost. Our men paid the supreme price standing firm behind him thinking he is a human being but unknown to us he is worse than our known enemies.

“Wike, stop lying. You are not supporting Biafra. If you are, go and secure the release of all those kidnapped in Obigbo at your behest by the murderous Nigerian Army and detained in different army barracks in Abuja and Northern Nigeria, the same way you secured your nomination and expression of interest forms. Pursue the Biafra cause the same way you are pursuing your presidential project. Then we will be convinced you truly support our agitation.”

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